Fragile Continent

The following were my biggest concerns while trying to get across town during what turned out to be the worst storm of the decade in the Netherlands:

    Don’t get blown off your bike.

    Don’t get blown into a canal.

    Don’t be pushed onto oncoming traffic.

It may seem odd or stupid, but journey to and from the otherside of town featured some very scary moments where I nearly got into some terrible messes, and was indeed knocked clear off my bike. (read my story on trippist)

While the European Union recently announced some fairly lofty goals for reducing greenhouse emissions by 2020, it is very clear that whatever happens, this continent is going to suffer some very crazy weather. Some very dangerous weather.


Scanning the headlines last night, and all day today, I couldn’t believe the damage. People crushed, people blown into the ocean, into car accidents, into trees. Sure its no Tsunami or earthquake, but for a Europe that normally feels so ontop of things and ready for danger and prepared for whatever disasters, you really get a sense of how fragile everything is after a storm like this one.

No trains ran in Germany. The beautiful Hauftbahnhoft station closed down, as a huge chunk of it broke. Same here in the Netherlands. Container ships abandoned and sinking in the English channel, an oil spill in Rotterdam harbor. The list goes on and on.

We’re already paying the price for the reckless development of our ancestors, not to mention our current generation of working people. Considering all the havoc, any government that does not have a serious plan for cutting emissions and developing in a more sustainable and less polluting way, is not only stupid and dangerous… they are criminals. (no matter what continent we’re talking about)

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An Inspiring Amsterdam Movement

Over the years, I’ve often mentioned the war-on-squatters being carried out by the government here in Amsterdam, and seemingly – throughout European cities. Everywhere you look there seems to be some creative and eclectic group of squatters being evicted from their home which they’ve usually worked very hard to make livable. Most recently there was that eviction followed by street clash in Copenhagen… for example.

Yet there are some examples where things are still possible and resourceful squatters find new strategies to keep doing what they do best. Tonight, as I dined with my dear Krizushka, we enjoyed the fruits of one Amsterdam squat that has done just that: Overtoom 301.

The entrance to heaven.

I wouldn’t claim to be a familiar face over at 301. Although I visit the former film academy once or twice a month, I’ve not yet developed the warm hello and conversations that the regulars have. But that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the atmosphere whenever i go for a vegan dinner, or just some pie and music. (Wireless internet doesn’t hurt either)

Reading over the latest updates, posted on the wall outside, the squatters of 301, under threat of eviction like so many others these last few years, successfully raised the money to buy their building last year. Ensuring that they can continue to offer artist work space, underground music shows, film screenings, vegan dinners, and all the comforts of a bar/lounge that welcomes all walks of life.. including the numerous children and dogs you’ll run into while sitting down for a meal.

Krizushka and I savored not only the food, but also the moment tonight. Sitting in what is perhaps one of the most encouraging and inspiring locations in the city, that despite all the complications of being foreigners, we love very much.

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These Kids from Minnesota Crack Me Up

I’m not being sarcastic either. These guys are hilarious.

I’m referring to the group from some higher education institution called Carleton in Minnesota. They’re here on a seminar I helped organize on everyone’s favorite topic “New MEdia”.

Today I made sure the allstar vlogger herself met some of the Amsterdam vloggers, to join in that ritual we call thursday night vlogger drinks.

We Want to Join Europe, the sign reads.

And if you yearn for real information, skip this bla bla and go watch what Richard posted on Insane Films, a video of the news that doesn’t get reported in Iraq. It is very eye-opening and should rightfully drive you insane. Like the fact that its too late for a New Jersey absentee ballot.

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Job Does Not a Person Define

It is liberating, when you’re at a party and someone asks “where do you work?”, to respond: I DON’T. And don’t smile. Just give a look that says – this makes perfect sense, what I’m telling you. The person talking to you will look confused. She might laugh. Or just change the subject. Chances are she won’t try to get your number. But it is still liberating!

Tomorrow at the fishtank, I’ve requested the finest pies in all of Amsterdam. Cause hell, it is my goodbye-you-lost-your-job party and when they asked what food I desire, without thinking twice I said BAKKERSWINKEL.. which bakes up magic.

Thats my place and our lovely vine.

Then lots of people will come eat these pies with me. It will be fun but it will also be uncomfortable. Especially when someone asks “So what will you do next” and I’ll say NOTHING. And some will laugh because they’ll see in my eyes that Ive got plans but I also don’t give a shit about 9 to 5 jobs anymore.

Of course there’s more to this: That same girl who asked me on the dancefloor about my job and then felt odd when I said NOTHING. Just when I thought she would walk away, she asked one more question that cleared everything up: “But aren’t you the bicyclemark that people talk about.. with the radio on the internet and the videos?”

Suddenly I do smile and I do remember that there’s more than nothing up head. There’s me.. and my work. Not the punch the clock go to meetings type of work, but my work; my podcast; my vlog. That which falls somewhere between journalism, art, commentary, nothingness, chatter, and exploring the world through people. Thats what is next.

Turns out she has a boyfriend. Ah well, I still get the best pie in Amsterdam.

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