bm183 Amsterdam Creative Spaces, The Story of OT301

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL The city of Amsterdam is famous for many things, among them, the great movement of creative people who occupied abandoned buildings over the past 30 years. Yet slowly the movement is changing, as are the laws, and squatting has become increasingly difficult. OT301 is performance space, restaurant, printshop, cafe, cinema, […]

Fragile Continent

The following were my biggest concerns while trying to get across town during what turned out to be the worst storm of the decade in the Netherlands: Don’t get blown off your bike. Don’t get blown into a canal. Don’t be pushed onto oncoming traffic. It may seem odd or stupid, but journey to and […]

An Inspiring Amsterdam Movement

Over the years, I’ve often mentioned the war-on-squatters being carried out by the government here in Amsterdam, and seemingly – throughout European cities. Everywhere you look there seems to be some creative and eclectic group of squatters being evicted from their home which they’ve usually worked very hard to make livable. Most recently there was […]