bm213 Canadians in Amsterdam; The Struggle

MP3 Audio [26 MB]DownloadShow URL After studying, working, and living in the Netherlands for 5, 10 or even 20 years, people are being deported on technicalities and bureaucratic errors. Faced with the choice of fighting or leaving the life they’ve built, many people are finding that there is no fair fight to be had. In […]

Queens Day HAs Not Left Yet

I promise this is the last post about celebrations here in Amsterdam. But considering the scale and unavoidable appeal, here’s my official post about Queen’s Day ’07. (cross posted from my sister blog, —- One thing you may not hear about on Queen’s Day is the underlying spirit on the canals. Sure there are […]

Drag Queens Day

Normally I try to provide yee good readers with the occasional story/first hand account of what is happenning in this city of Amsterdam which I so love. But today, on the eve of the biggest national mess of the year, I was so overbooked that I could not perform my duty as public internet servant. […]

Amsterdam Pauses

As I’ve probably too often joked, global warming=amsterdam as a tropical paradise before it gets swallowed up by the sea. Well.. here we are.. April and looking around today.. tropical paradise is upon us.