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Disc Around the World

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A friend of mine, the man who introduced me to ulimate frisbee, started the first ever league in Liberia. Years later he would introduce the sport in Trinidad and last I heard he was in Madagascar surely throwing disc with the local population.

Over the weekend I’m sitting down to dinner after the first day of an exhausting tournament here in Amsterdam, and one of the more recent arrivals to our league started talking about his own experience.… Read Full Text

bm213 Canadians in Amsterdam; The Struggle

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After studying, working, and living in the Netherlands for 5, 10 or even 20 years, people are being deported on technicalities and bureaucratic errors.… Read Full Text

Queens Day HAs Not Left Yet

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I promise this is the last post about celebrations here in Amsterdam. But considering the scale and unavoidable appeal, here’s my official post about Queen’s Day ’07. (cross posted from my sister blog,

One thing you may not hear about on Queen’s Day is the underlying spirit on the canals. Sure there are lots of drunken people, lots of loud music, tons of crap for sale, and plenty of men peeing in to canals.… Read Full Text

Drag Queens Day

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Normally I try to provide yee good readers with the occasional story/first hand account of what is happenning in this city of Amsterdam which I so love.

But today, on the eve of the biggest national mess of the year, I was so overbooked that I could not perform my duty as public internet servant. I did not make it to the drag queen olympics ’07. Dammit.

Fortunately we have the internet and Amsterdamers have all sorts of mobile blogging gadgets, even in their skimpy dresses.… Read Full Text