ctrp351 Post Election Update from Kabul

MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL 4 Days after the 2010 Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan, some audio reflections on how it all went and what is to come. Another fine source for post-election news, my good friends at Democracy International

The Language of War

Afghanistan is a country of many ethnicities, tribes and languages, which many people can explain to you if you have the time to listen.  But there is one language you don’t often read about that is spoken throughout Kabul and no doubt the nation. In café’s and restaurants, over lunch and late into the night […]

ctrp350 Eid and Homosexuality in Afghanistan

MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL On the eve of Eid a large group of friends made their way to an oasis outside Kabul to have a relaxing dinner. Sure enough I brought my recorder and before you know it, we got into discussions about the importance of the holiday and eventually, the history of homosexuality […]