bmtv119 Room for Everyone

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March from Waterloo SquareThe squatting community in Amsterdam is under siege, with the new law declaring squatting illegal, many who have lived in their homes for a decade or more are now considered criminals and subject to forceful eviction. ; But the community and its supporters have not given up hope and refuse to be made homeless by the authorities.

This brief video clip is from one of the many marches against the evictions, as squatters and supporters marched from Waterloo Square through the heart of Amsterdam.

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bmtv118 Volt Test

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Volt in DC

During my journeys in the United States over the past month, I found myself in the always educational and fun presence of Ryanne and Jay, pioneer video bloggers, world citizens, and curious minds. On one fine day in Washington DC we saw a test drive stand for the hybrid electric car by Chevrolet, the Volt. We decided to go check it out and of course, I was recording for the internets.

Note: None of us are shills for Chevy, but we are interested in alternative transport options and electric cars.

bmtv117 Final Afghanistan Video

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Having arrived a few days ago here in the New Jersey house I was raised in, I surely have thoughts, observations, and reports regarding the state of the state around me. However quality time with friends and family comes with story telling and reminiscing of recent adventures in Afghanistan.

Therefore before I can move on to the now, I must first release this last Afghanistan video including alot of footage I had not yet used in a vlog entry.

bmtv116 Kabul Golf Club

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We rambled into the Kabul Golf Club one afternoon in September, as we had heard there was a golf course in the outskirts of Kabul where one could play nine holes like no others in this world.  What we found was a charming and forgotten course with a staff that are extremely happy to see you.  Among the stars of the day was Mohammad Afzal Abdul, club Pro and our escort the entire afternoon.  He has run the club for the last 40 years, facing imprisonment twice and a laundry list of problems as Afghanistan has struggled over the last few decades.  The following is a video interview I did with him as we made our way through the course.