Tag: world_cup

July 5, 2006 / Text

Ok I admit it. I’m excited about tonight’s game. Who knows what will happen. UPDATE: Well, there goes that. GOOO ITALY.

June 26, 2006 / Text

Back in action here in soggy and cool Amsterdam. As I catch up with my news feeds, I notice, especially in respectable sources like Germany’s Spiegel online, a dominance of world cup related stories. Where once they addressed issues regarding people’s lives around the world,…

June 24, 2006 / Audio

It would be interesting to know how many of the super-crazy-soccer fans watching at home or there in the stadiums, are the same people who vote for politicians and policies that close the doors to immigrants and make the process of immigration excessively difficult. So…

June 23, 2006 / Video

While in Berlin, Tim invited me to see Germany play…. from a former bath house in a very cool area. It was a very unique and truely Berlin experience. Watch the Video