ctrp364 Venezuela in 2011

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photo by flickr member: rahuldluccaIn 2011 Venezuela still gets a certain kind of press coverage by many in the mainstream media, as it has ever since President Hugo Chavez was elected. For the past few years, Eva Golinger has been taking a close look at how this reporting is done and who is behind it. Her work has led her beyond the media and into the world of American politics and Latin America Policy.

Joining me to discuss her work, Chavez, wikileaks, twitter, press freedom and to help give us an idea of how things are in Venezuela today, all the way from Caracas;  journalist, author and attorney Eva Golinger. She blogs at Postcards from the Revolution. She is also the editor of the english language edition of Correo del Orinoco.

We mention her book: “The Chávez Code: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela”

bm261 The Undereported Story of the Soy Industry

Soy is often looked at as the alternative bean, beloved ingredient for vegetarians and concerned citizens worldwide. Yet what do we know about the soy industry? How is soy being produced, by who, for who, and to what effect? My guest, Nina Holland of the Corporate European Observatory, sat down with me to explain how it all works, and what we should know about our soy.


Soy as food/feed/fuel

Genetically Modified Soy

Who Owns the Farms

Situations in different parts of South America

Comparison to Europe

GM Soy Lobby in the EU


So-called responsible soy

Independent farmers

Solutions/Advice for People



  • Vinicious Cantuaria – Corre Campo
  • Tom Brosseau – In My Time of Dyin

bm200 Chile Turns on Bachelet

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Just over a year ago, Michelle Bachelet was elected the first female president of Chile. A moderate socialist, there were high expectations about social programs and a more progressive Chilé. However things have not gone as many imagined, and in the last year there has been a sort-of revolt against the president from many social groups. This podcast tells that story.

Guest: Rosario Lizana of Global Voices Online

We Discuss:
-Bachelet’s popularity
-Problems with the education system
-Public Transport Revolt
-The president before
-The situation for women
-The media versus the blogs
-Pasqua Lama goldmine
-The silver lining?


note: There will be no special 200th episode, too much time is wasted on the self-congratulating process in the blog-pod-vlogosphere. However, thanks to everyone out there who has listened and still listens to my program, its an honor to part of your listening routine.