bm200 Chile Turns on Bachelet

by bicyclemark

Just over a year ago, Michelle Bachelet was elected the first female president of Chile. A moderate socialist, there were high expectations about social programs and a more progressive Chilé. However things have not gone as many imagined, and in the last year there has been a sort-of revolt against the president from many social groups. This podcast tells that story.

Guest: Rosario Lizana of Global Voices Online

We Discuss:
-Bachelet’s popularity
-Problems with the education system
-Public Transport Revolt
-The president before
-The situation for women
-The media versus the blogs
-Pasqua Lama goldmine
-The silver lining?


note: There will be no special 200th episode, too much time is wasted on the self-congratulating process in the blog-pod-vlogosphere. However, thanks to everyone out there who has listened and still listens to my program, its an honor to part of your listening routine.