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September 10, 2009 / Audio

Charter schools in NYC are getting alot of attention over the past few years for the quality of education they are providing and the methods they use to do so. But what do we know about charter schools and how they function? My guest today…

December 3, 2008 / Text

Some of you may recall a great guest I had on the podcast last year, Al Appleton, the man who saved the NYC water system.

I thought of Al today as I read about how NY state has loosened restrictions on drilling for gas in the NYC watershed are. Using a method called horizontal drilling under the Catskill Mountains, there are proposals to drill for gas. This despite the risk that drilling would bring of spilling toxic chemicals into New York City’s drinking supply. Interfering with the water system could also force the need for building a water treatment plant which would cost an astronomical amount. This despite the fact that over a decade ago, concerned citizens and watershed experts like Al Appleton eliminated the need for building such plants by

September 11, 2008 / Text

As much as I hate what a giant clich? this date has become, there are still a few memories and pieces of culture I don’t mind revisiting.? Moreover I hope this day would be a reminder to put things in perspective, in my case to…

March 20, 2007 / Text

“Why don’t you write about your personal life”, Ms Thingk asked, “you know people love hearing about that stuff.” We sat there, two of the few people at a very cozy Williamsburg bar enjoying happy hour last night. Amazing to consider how we know our…