Impressions of Istanbul Part 1

Back from Istanbul and I was so busy I decided to hold off on long posts until I could sit and gather my thoughts properly. So here’s how it begins:

I’ve never stood at the edge of Europe and looked at Asia. I’ve never arrived in Asia and looked back towards Europe. Actually if I start to list all the I’ve nevers for my time in Turkey, this post will fill up instantly.? Istanbul and its 12 million people was a place filled with things that I loved and things I think no one loves, even Istanbulu’s themselves.

As the 5 euro bus pulls out of the airport area and rides along the sea, I’m fixated atContinue reading “Impressions of Istanbul Part 1”

bm295 An Alternative Media Network in Turkey

BazarBianet is an alternative media network in Turkey. The network’s goal is to cover the topics which the mainstream will not or does not, with a special emphasis on human rights, labor, women’s rights, the environment, and much more.  How are they funded? Is their structure alternative? What does it mean to be alternative in Turkey’s media landscape? My guest, an editor at Bianet, sat down with me at their office in Istanbul to explain.

Bianet in English