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February 10, 2009 / Video

The Banana Book, by Dan Koeppel, has arrived here at the politburo. The book that looks at the secrets and controversial history of the banana. How its farmed, how it finds its way to our kitchen, and more. Also I mention another book I just…

February 3, 2009 / Audio

Bananas are much more than a yellow fruit that goes good with your cereal. Behind the world’s beloved fruit is a multibillion dollar industry that has the power to create and destroy governments.

January 29, 2009 / Text
United Fruit Warehouse
United Fruit Warehouse

In order to understand how it is that the world’s banana industry got to this volatile point, let’s look at various historical events that involve the big banana companies and the way they have conducted their businesses.

One of the bigger moments you’ll hear the term banana and coup intersect is the Guatemala coup of 1954.

It was the second ever democratic election in that country, and a man by the name of Arbenz was elected in 1950 with 65% of the vote.? His campaign was focused on economic independence from the United States and reforming a nation that had been ruled by a dictator for so long.? Once elected he took action to re-distribute land that during the time of the dictatorship was bought up by United Fruit (known today as Chiquita).? The company was in fact Guatemala’s largest land