bmtv74 CCC Talk Part 2 of 4

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Long overdue part 2 of the talk I gave at the Chaos Communication Camp over the summer, topic is of course Rebellious Communication and the Federal Flood. This part is about housing in New Orleans and my experience exploring this topic first-hand.

If you want to watch part 1, which I put out in December, here is the link. Of course you can learn more about the wonderful camp at the CCC website.

bmtv54 Chaos Communication Camp 2007

by bicyclemark

One of the world’s largest and most notoriously crazy open air hacker camps is underway here in Germany, and as luck would have it, I’m here too! I am after all, an information-news hacker. This vlog entry contains clips from my first three days here, free of comment, with music by Calexico to tie them all together.

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