bmtv65 CCC’07 Talk, Part 1

This is part one of the talk I gave at the Chaos Communication Camp over the summer. It is entitled “Rebelious Communication and the Federal Flood”. Note that it takes place in a bunker, which made for an interesting environment… bunkers and hackers.

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  1. susie
    December 11, 2007

    Hi mark, isn’t this the talk you gave at the camp not at the congress? In fact the congress 2007 is about to happen in the future. You mentioned some links you would give to the camp videos. Where can I find these links?

    Is there a way to donate without using paypal? I don’t like paypal. Keep up your good work. I like your topics and I like the way you’re presenting these topics to your audience.


    • bicyclemark
      December 11, 2007

      Susie. Ill post those links. I dont have them in front of me now, someone was kind enough to throw them in the comments on the post I wrote about brookyn college last week. Ill link them in a post this week for you.

      Instead of using paypal.. hmm.. you want my bank account number? its the only alternative I can think of. you can also send me cookies.. I like cookies. Email me if its something you really want to talk to me about and we can find a way. Use the bicyclemark at … gmail

  2. Anno Nimize
    December 12, 2007

    Hi susie, Hi Mark,

    I hope that it’s fine with you Mark that I anticipate your decision to post the links and give some additional information:

    Here you can find some background information for Mark’s talk @ Chaos Communication Camp 2007 Germany/Finofurt near Berlin.

    Video: Rebellious Communication and the Federal Flood. The video is about 250 MByte in size and 50 minutes in length.

    Here you can find some background information for Mark’s talk @ the 23c3 in German/Berlin (december 2006).

    Video: The role of podcasting in journalism. The video is about 220 MByte in size and 70 minutes in length.

    Here you can find some background information for Mark’s upcoming talk @ the 24c3 in German/Berlin (2007-30-12) titled “The Arctic Cold War”.

    If anyone is interested in seeing Mark live in Berlin and you don’t have the chance of participating at the conference, I can drop a link for the video streaming, when the guys in Berlin are setting up the streams (I estimate that will be on the 26th). A few weeks ago I talked to the organizers and they said that this time video recordings will be available shortly after the talk for direct download. There are some rumors about people are having problems watching these videos caused by missing video/audio codecs, if you encounter such a problem I suggest the use of VideoLan. Its free and its available for most OSs with build in support for a large amount of codecs.

    Mark: It would be great, if you could add some preview functionality to the comment formular. With all these links or longer texts it’s somehow hard to keep track, if everthing is layouted probably even though I write comments on a text file first.

    HTH & best regards.

  3. Anno Nimize
    December 12, 2007

    Hi Mark,

    I just posted a larger comment with a few links and infos, but the spam system complained. If you think the message is appropriate, could you be so kind to restore the message or should I repost it in smaller pieces?

    • bicyclemark
      December 12, 2007

      Done. its up. In the end comments with loads of links are normally not good. You, of course, are an exception to that. Thank you for taking the time and posting all that. As for preview functionality.. Ill have a look if there’s a plugin out there that would be good.

  4. Anno Nimize
    December 27, 2007

    On day 4 (2007-12-30) of the 24C3 (Germany/Berlin) at 12:30PM (UTC+1) Mark is going to talk about “The Arctic Cold War – The silent battle for claiming and controlling the Arctic”. The video recordings will likely be available 5 days after the talks, but feel free to watch Mark live at that date at:


    I strongly recommend that you are on a 2 MBit line or greater to experience the stream without any buffering problems. If you are on another OS than Windows you should probably lookout for VideoLan Client, which supports the streaming format and is freely available.

    For further information please refer to:
    24C3 Streams
    title=”24C3 Schedule”>24C3 Schedule

    Mark: Enjoy your stay and be awesome at the talk 🙂

  5. Anno Nimize
    December 27, 2007

    Sorry Mark,

    the spam filtering system hit me again and you have to step in one more time. What do you think about a little captcha system instead for preventing the spam (the tiny little images with numbers and characters proving that the author is human)?

    • bicyclemark
      December 27, 2007

      I go take care of this in a moment. But the truth is.. no one should have to fill a comment with so many links… it becomes too much. so its a good policy for my blog.. to limit people in terms of links in comments..

      I dont like capatcha because I always get those numbers and letters wrong. Yes Im serious.

  6. bicyclemark
    December 27, 2007

    oh and I should say thank you for all the useful info… I should teach the spam filter to respect Anno.. it doesnt seem to. Please, if you see me, come say hello I’d like to buy you a drink.

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