Kaustuv Pokhrel: Do Whatever You Can Wherever You Are

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Kaustuv Pokhrel: Do Whatever You Can Wherever You Are
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
in The Netherlands
Kaustuv Pokhrel
in Nepal

Kaustuv Pokhrel’s path as an activist and advocate for young people has taken many interesting and unexpected turns. As the most recent lockdown in Nepal grew ever longer, we decided it was a good time to sit down and record these stories of his work as both a radio host and an organizer around youth, identity and self-expression. Listen in and enjoy!

Masterpeace Nepal Dajjuvai

Matthew Dons: What Sets Japan Apart

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Matthew Dons and I sit high above one of the busiest sections of Tokyo to discuss what it is that sets Japan apart from the rest of the world and why it is noteworthy and inspiring. We get into economics, demography, aging, work, family, healthcare and so much more.

Support Matthew’s campaign to fund his cancer treatment Matthewdons.org

CTRP Heads to China

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I love Shanghai by Sam Gao / flickr

Since it started some 14 years ago, this website has been a chronicle of some unforgettable journeys to various corners of the Earth. Being able to share observations and lessons learned has long been one of the pleasures of keeping this place running.

This week, another milestone in the adventure category: I’m off to Shanghai, China.

Shanghai, city of legend, city of the masses, this benchmark for both the past and present, and probably the future too. Biggest city in the world. Economic powerhouse. These are the factoids I read and influence how I approach this journey. I expect crowds. I expect noise. I expect dumplings!

Stay tuned. After a sleepy few months, there are going to be travel stories on CTRP again!

bm287 4 Decades of Conflict in Mindanao

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40 years of war in Mindanao rarely makes it to the front pages of the international press. Yet according to Edwin Espejo, more attention in the international would do alot towards ending this long and destructive conflict. As my guest in this edition of citizenreporter, Edwin explains a bit about the orgin of the conflict, the goals of the groups involved, and how things have evolved even prior to 9/11 and the connection between Mindanao and other conflicts in other parts of Asia.

I highly recommend his blog, which focuses on Mindanao and issues effecting the island, especially this conflict.