bm290 25 Years of 2600

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The topic: technology, society and everything in between. 2600 magazine is 25 years old and to talk about what it all means and why, Emmanuel Goldstein joins me for a sit down conversation in Berlin.

bm256 The Lost Emmanuel Goldstein Conversation

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This week, as I continue to suffer under the oppression of Dutch internet providers and the demands of my new employment, I bring you a lost episode of this podcast. Recorded the first day of 2008, this is Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600, his radio work as well as 2600 have long been an inspiration and a huge influence on the kind of journalist that I strive to be. This is a brief conversation we recorded on a train platform at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Most importantly, we talk about The Last Hope, the big hacker meeting in NYC this July (no I wont be there)In addition we mention:

  • The arctic and the political battle for control of it
  • The CCC and experiences at the congress
  • Public transport in Berlin
  • and more…


Prison Life In Ohio

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On my way back from Washington DC I was listening to a recent edition of Off the Wall, one of the two radio programs / podcasts that 2600 produces. The program featured an interview with a friend of Emmanuel and 2600 who is currently incarcerated at an Ohio state penitentiary. Besides the alarming story of how he found himself in such a place for 6 months for doing very little besides being at the wrong place at the wrong time and then misreading an order to “not leave the county” as “do not leave the country”, even more eye opening is his experience in prison.

I highly recommend listening to this episode of Off the Wall, Emmanuel does a good job asking questions and bearing with the difficulties of just talking on the phone with someone in prison, and Lurid – the friend – gives a vivid picture of what is a violent and terrible place that isn’t doing much in the way of rehabilitation as the prison system once was supposed to.

bm217 Emmanuel Goldstein On North Korea

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The US government, in cooperation with the US media, have long attempted to convince everyone that North Korea is an insane country where people are all miserable and life is impossible. Emmanuel Goldstein of, decided he needed to go there and see for himself what life is really like. I sat down with him during the Chaos Communication Camp outside Berlin and talked to him about the journey, the myths, and the lessons.

Listen to his journey on the 2600 website
Other media from the CCC

We Discuss:
– Motivation for going to NK
– Image that media and government have long pushed on us
– Arriving in Pyong-yang
– Security
– Poverty and Electricity
– Movement around the city
– Technology
– Contact with North Koreans
– Impressions of the US
– Myths Debunked
– The importance of such visits