Emmanuel in North Korea

Many of you may be familiar with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600, host of Off the Hook, amongst other audio programs. Long ago I was singing his praises for his trip-without-taking-a-plane around the world. Already a radio icon in my eyes, he became my traveling idol.

Well two weeks ago he did it again. This time, his trip that made me drool, was to North Korea. Now while he chose not to try and broadcast or record himself while in North Korea, he did record lots of local radio there, and has given full accounts of his trip on the program. Much of which was met with heavy criticism from listeners who felt he was wrong to go there or that he had been brainwashed by the regime.

But I’ve listened to Emmanuel since I was a wee teenager, and I trust him more than any Dan Rather or, DARE I SAY, John Stewart. And when he spoke about how amazing North Korea was, and how wonderful people seemed, and the whole laundry list of things that were different yet, admirable…. I listened attentively.

It’s like what people always ask me about the world of blogs and the future. How will we know what is true and what is bullshit? See I know, because of time. For years and years I’ve listened to this person and I’ve grown to know him just by his weekly radio program. And I’ve come to know his strengths, and I’d even dare say – his faults. And what is left is a trust… he has earned my trust through his work. And I didn’t need the new york times, or NBC news, or even HBO to convince me… I decided it on my own, over time. And that is exactly how blogs, podcasts, and vlogs should work for you. With time, you build trust and you can weed out what is not worthy of your trust or what doesn’t check out when you do your own checking.

But back to North Korea… what an amazing trip. If I ever emerge from bankruptcy, it is already on my shortlist. Please give his latest programs a listen if you want to experience some of it.