David Brightbill: Floridians Behaving Badly and other Vaccine Stories

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
in Amsterdam
Dave Brightbill
in Tallahassee

When the global pandemic broke out, David Brightbill was struggling to make it home to his cooperative community in Florida. In the months that followed he faced a personal health scare and became aware of the shortages of PPE among first responders in his region and across the country.

Now over a year into the pandemic, he is part of a network of maker spaces that rose to the occasion – providing that much needed equipment. He has also navigated, like so many senior citizens, the new world of vaccines and testing.

Today on the podcast we dive into supermarkets as healthcare centres, governors who do terrible things, masks and the noses that stick out over them.. and much more. Davey is a longtime friend and a unique human being that it brings me great joy to talk to. Tune in to hear it all.