Matthew Dons in Japan: The Survival Plan

by bicyclemark

Photo by An HONORABLE GERMAN on flickrYou may think the media and the social networks have told you all that needs to be known about conditions on the ground in Japan, but hearing it first hand gives you a far greater understanding.  In the days following the massive earthquake and tsunami, Karamoon contacted me from his home in Tokyo. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could remain in his home, or on the other hand, if he wouldn’t have to stay in doors for two weeks to avoid radioactive winds.

In the following podcast he describes his experience and the concerns going forward.  He also goes into details about his survival preparations and options on an island where many people face difficult choices in the aftermath.

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And just now I received an update, Tokyo Hacker Space is taking action for quake relief in Northern Japan but they need your help. (link has been down occasionally today)