ctrp366 Violence Against Women in the Military

Photo via John LaskerAn alarming number of women are dying non-combat deaths in the US military.  When families try to find out why, they are prevented from getting that information.  The US military doesn’t want to explain the details of how and why many of their female soldiers have died. In some cases they won’t even release the bodies or body parts to grieving loved ones.

John Lasker is an investigative reporter based in the state of Ohio in the US.  He has been writing and researching this issue in an effort to get the details that have been kept from families and the issue of sexual violence against women in the military.

Beyond what John has been investigating, we also talk about how he publishes his articles. Namely his use of a new type of crowd funded journalism web portal, spot.us. We get into the familiar topics of the future of journalism, especially the critical investigative type that has almost vanished from traditional media publications.

Besides the links above to John’s work, he is also the author of the book Tech Noir,  available now as an ebook.