New Day in Tunisia

Photo from Tunis via AFPFriends around the world have been writing to me, urging me to cover the issue of the demonstrations and now revolution in Tunisia for some weeks now.  I’ve responded that I’m watching it all unfold like everyone else; in mainstream media, on twitter, on activist blogs in and around the country.  But as for covering it myself, I didn’t have anything new or helpful to add at the time.  Maybe now that the amazing has happened.. I will be able to look into these extraordinary events in more detail, by talking to individuals who have been instrumental in making it happen.

For now, I leave it to Global Voices and their great correspondants around the world, to explain the new day that has come in Tunisia.  Today’s headline from one blogger: Tunisia: Celebrations Welcome the End of Ben Ali’s Rule. (follow the link for details)

One more dictator down, a victory for the people of Tunisia and the world.