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Baghe Babur Gate

I’d like to begin by sending out a big thank you and expressing how great it was to be writing and recording content to be shared with all of you and to be getting so much feedback; good bad or in between. Thank you. The trip itself was extremely interesting, educational, and unforgettable, but this aspect of having my audience with me, made it something even greater.

Being back in Amsterdam with fresh memories and a wish to keep in touch with those working and living in Afghanistan, be they locals or foreigners, I now often turn to blogs that I’ve come to value with stories, reports, and rants about the situation there. While there are surely many more choices then the few I recommend, I still wanted to post my list (of 3) in case any of you also want to see some voices that interest me from that part of the world:

Read My Eyes – The candid observations of a very experienced and passionate photo journalist and friend.

Transitionland – Sometimes angry sometimes happy, always educational writing about Afghanistan as well as its quirky international community.

Free Range International – Apparently Im the last one to the party as this blog has long been a household name for Afghanistan War focused individuals.

Feel free to add one of yours in the comments.


  1. October 7, 2010

    Here’s a few more for your list.


    The whimsical personal blog of a brilliant young Afghan civil servant. On no other blog will you find descriptions of a future, cyberpunk Kabul. The entries reflecting on the fragility of life in Afghanistan, sudden death, and the importance of grieving pack even more of a punch when you learn the author died in a tragic accident in July 2010.

    Afghan Lord

    The blog of a Nasim Fekrat, a young man who is credited with pretty much singelhandedly getting blogging started in Afghanistan.

    Dry Mouth

    A blog by a girl rocker living in Kabul. Acerbic and awesome. Ruth cuts through the BS of expat life and does fantastic photoblogging.

    Itinerant and Indigent

    The superbly-written and heart-rending blog of a veteran aid worker in Afghanistan. Very sober writing. Bitterness tinged with love, and vice versa.

  2. luiz paulo
    October 8, 2010

    blogging tips earned by afg will access them, I suggest that next journalistic venture is in Myammar or Zimbaub

    • bicyclemark
      October 13, 2010

      LP youre not too far off the mark actually. But I cant reveal any details and nothing is very certain yet.

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