Murdochs, Media, and Money

I am a sucker for programs and some discussions about the future of media and what the newspaper industry will look like in 10 years.  Even though I think it is discussed to death lately, with everyone just sticking a finger in the air and making a speech, I enjoy listening to people from different backgrounds and different experiences.

While I’m no fan of Rupert Murdoch and alot of his philosophy about the function and purpose of the media, it is interesting to see what he plans to do with his media empire online. More recently he has announced his intention that all his newspapers will be going to a for-pay business model where people will have to subscribe in order to get access. This comes as the conventional wisdom online says this is insane and will not work because the public has so much choice of free online news.

On a recent episode of Background Briefing from Australia Radio National, the topic was indeed media and business models online and it features a speech by Rupert’s son James Murdoch. They also get into what many executives see as a MEDIA WAR, when it comes to how the industry will work in the future. And just when you thought one episode couldn’t have more than two Murdochs, the program also gets into the media philosophy of Sir Keith Murdoch, who was critical of the public broadcasting model in Australia.

I highly recommend giving this episode a listen, especially if you’re like me, and you can’t resist more points of view and widsom regarding how media is funded and how it will be funded in the future.