Learn from the Mayo

Even if you’ve never been to Minnesota (I haven’t) you’ve likely heard of the Mayo Clinic.? To me the name is synonymous with some of the best healthcare a person can get.

However up until today I never knew the details of how the Mayo Clinic works, how it was founded, and what truly makes it unique in the world.?? As I listened to Armand Dimele’s recent program which focused not only on how the Clinic works but also on what lessons any of us can learn from how healthcare could be delivered, I found it to be very inspiring.? Even if I live in Europe, where people often sing the praises of the health system compared to the US, I find the details of how the Mayo Clinic is run to be well worthy of emulating.

Highly recommended listening, because you don’t have to live in Minnesota to have a vision of how quality healthcare should be delivered.