Frank McCourt Remembered

I was in my second year of University, the year was 1998, and someone special handed me the book “Angela’s Ashes” and said – read this, PLEASE. For the next month I would take the book with me everywhere, sneaking a chapter or 2 in whenever I got the chance.? The stories of a poor Irish boy growing up in Limerick, Ireland, with all the beauty and tragedy of his childhood.? The book was written in such a way that it became addicting to read, and eventually I would talk about it all the time with the person who had given me the book.? Later of course there was the film version, but it couldn’t compare with that time in my life when I read this special book.

The author, Frank McCourt, died this week at the age of 78.? In honor of his passing, On Point featured an interview with him from 2005. I listened to that interview today as I made my way on the buses and metro of Lisbon. McCourt’s voice took me back to 1998, seemingly putting the book back in my hands.? He spoke about teaching in New York City and his life now compared to Ireland back then.

After hearing this I’m now about to set off listening to the audio book for? “Teacher Man”, his third book. I highly recommend listening to this NPR interview. Whether it was recorded today or 4 years ago, Frank McCourt’s words, like his writing, are not easy to forget.