Mobile StoryCorps

You’ve heard me mention one of my top 5 programs to listen to, NPR’s StoryCorps podcast. Today I listened to a beautiful edition of the program dedicated to letting individuals and pairs of people tell their stories to us the public and to each other.? This particular edition featured, in part 1 – A mother who served in the US military in Iraq speaking to her young daughter about what it was like when she was away. In part 2 – Two prisoners telling how they feel about their families and their time in prison. Talking about what they miss most from the outside.

Now besides recommending you hear these beautiful and gut wrenching stories, I would also recommend you support the StoryCorps Mobile Tour.? The program has long been great, but being able to hear, for example, prisoners reflect on what their lives are like and how they see the world since being behind bars… that is a rare oppertunity and worth supporting. But getting the recording booths into the prisons requires funds, and thats what I hope they manage to raise. Take a second and click over to their site, consider supporting the mission.