On Route to Re:publica09

I’m on my way to Re:publica 09 in Berlin! Haven’t had a chance to sit down and just think for many days and well.. the travels continue for the next few weeks. Still, I wanted to take the opportunity to mention that I’m speaking giving a workshop on thursday at Re:publica, 14h. My topic is Twitter and Journalism, how the two help each other; what problems and benefits twitter has for journalism and media work.

I don’t suppose the thing will be streaming, maybe? Someone (me or someone in the comments) will post a link if so. (8am EST)

I’m always excited to go to Berlin. But knowing that some of my most favorite hacker and nonhacker internets friends will be there, makes it all the more fun.? And of course there will be podcast interviews and topics inspired by Re:publica.? See you in Germany!