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Pirate Bay vs. Hollywood – Currently the founders of the Pirate Bay including my friend Peter are in a Swedish court fighting it out against the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), they’re suing TPB for 100million dollars and accusing them of “promoting copyright infringement”. Just as when we spoke on this podcast around this time last year, Peter is confident that things will go fine as they haven’t violated Swedish law since they don’t host any files. We’ll hear from my correspondant Martin G in Stockholm who keeps a close eye on the media and will share with us how things look from within the country.

The Impact of the Banana – From societies, to politics, to corporate culture, to health and the environment, the banana trade has had an effect that perhaps the average person has never considered or been aware of. And that influence has not ceased to exist. I’ll speak with Mimi Sheller, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University (UK) who has written and researched extensively on this topic.

Island rebellion – The people of the Dom-Tom’s, France’s overseas island territories, have taken to the streets and launched massive strikes. They’re angry about the way their territory is being run, angry with the French government, but perhaps it is much more than that which has led to this mass protest. I’ll look into the issue and see if I can’t find a Dom-Tom blogger to answer some questions and explain the why and what.


  1. jc.
    February 19, 2009

    A writer in the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter claims that one of the defendants in the pirate bay trial, Carl Lundstr?m (allegedely a 40% sharehoder in the company), is a well known right wing extremist. The millionare is a financial contributer to the racist party Sverigedemokraterna and has been convicted of attacking immigrants in stockholms old town in the company of skinheads. He has earlier been a member of the now defunct party BSS (Preserve sweden swedish).
    His latest actiities have included xenophobic radioprograms on Sveriges Fria Radio.
    If this is true it doesn?t necessarily discredit the principles of Pirate bay, but then again maybe it does. Maybe the whole thing isn?t about “freedom” but just about who gets to take your dollar, a conjunction of new liberalism and convenience. If true it doesn?t matter to me if Pirate Bay wins or not, This is one dirty immigrant who sure as fuck will never give them any business. As a child of the 60s I can say positively that who you have as bed partners does matter.

    • bicyclemark
      February 21, 2009

      I know about Lundstrom and I know how often some in the press and politics have tried to use his support as justification for the whole thing being rotten. I dont buy it for a second. I spend a good amount of time with Peter, for example, and have had many great conversations with him. I know the quality of person that he is and all that I know renders any suggestions that its somehow about money and greed as moot. Lundstrom gave them servers years ago and they needed them to get started otherwise the site wouldnt exist. They dont subscribe to his politics and actually Im not here to speak for them on this issue really. ITs absolutely common that the far right and the far left often meet on issues of free speech. Doesnt mean its a good thing, it just means it happens. But mostly this little factoid is the default argument of those determined to take TPB down.

  2. jc.
    February 23, 2009

    I am well aware of the commonly used media front to discredit nonmainstream concepts, movements and ideas, I as an expat american, am also well aware of the conjunction (at least superficially on the surface) of ultra liberal right wing thinking and ultra left anarchist concepts of liberty and freedom (sometimes grandma doesn?t need lessons on how to suck eggs).
    I am willing to accept that the nazi profit and influence in all of this is minimal and unimportant and and is being used as a smoke screen to hide the real issues and to discredit tha paricipants. Several other media charges against the participants, non payment of taxes & several years of little or no declared income at all may also be merely overblown discrediting irrelevancies.
    However for myself as an immigrant in a racist and ever increasingly reactionary Sweden my main question and fear is still unanswered, i.e., just how much is this nazi involved in piratebay, both economically and philosophically? Your assurance that your aquaintance with one of the members makes you believe that all is well can suffice enough for you to dismiss all doubts, but is not enough for me.
    I have a hard time envisioning a situation where my artistic endeavours and personal network would put me into a situation of being in the position of innocently and happily “borrowing” equipment from a neo nazi.
    I do, however, have an aquaintence with just how much ultraliberal forces in Sweden have masqueraded behind freedom and liberty agendas and claims and advanced their own “criminal” economic interests and parasitism.
    I unfortunately have seen how believers of one thing or the other have willingly blinded themselves to just who their fellow travelers are for the sake of a cause or idea and the results are not beneficial to the true advancement of good things for humankind.
    Hopefully my fears are merely the result of media manipulation and your friend and piratebay are 100% involved in the good fight.

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