Channel Kennedy While I Sleep

Just arrived in Lisbon and enjoying the comforts of staying uptown with one of my dearest family members. The cold and soggy Portugal winter is making it even harder to stay awake. Therefore before I change location tomorrow, I leave you with a great edition of Radio Open Source, featuring James Blight.. who I honestly had never heard of but have now come to recognize as one of the minds behind the film “The Fog of War”.

In this particular interview he does a great job of explaining how Kennedy thought about things and made decisions, and how Obama might also do similar.? The main thing he says Kennedy would do, and I must say- what I would call one of the most lacking and necessary characteristics of ANY reprepresentative or world leader, Kennedy was very interested in considering how others thought and how others might think he thinks.? Might seem like a simple thing, but as Blight explains, if we understood or at least tried more to consider how and why other world leaders think, and how they think we think, we’d be much better at communicating with them.

Listen for yourself.