Video of my Talk on GMO Soy

Greetings friends. I’ve been busy trying to formulate a slightly new direction for the podcast. The goal is to be more investigative and less interview-centric.? We’ll see if I really manage to make that distinction.? But you know, new year demands some changes for all of us I think.

For your viewing pleasure, perhaps, I offer you video of my GMO soy talk at the 25C3. It is choc-full of jokes that no one laughs at, technical mishaps, and me waving my arms around like a madman.? You can see it on archive on their flashplayer or just scroll down on that site and click on the mp4.? I don’t want to direct link to the file or everyone’s portable player will have a very large file for downloading. If 45 minutes is too long for you, I will release an 8 minute highlight reel as a video entry this week.