Take Your Eye Off NOLA

Among the issues and research I intend to do this season is New Orleans. In the shadow of the invasion of Gaza, my focus on GMO soy, and the mainstream press dedicating most of their vital resources to what they call an innaugeration celebration, it is easy to look away from a place that needs the critical public eye.

Safe House NOLA
Safe House NOLA

What issues concern me for NOLA in 2009? Quality of life. Specifically when it comes to affordable housing, public safety, and justice regardless of income or geographic location.? I wonder how the legal situation has or has not changed for those that I met going into the legal clinic back in 2007? Or what happens if they build this huge Veterans Hospital in an area where many people live in historical homes? Is there money for such a project or will it be downsized or remain incomplete? Of course the list goes on and on: corruption, public health, the environment… oh the environment.? All of these will get my attention and with the help of some of the finest and most critical bloggers (NOLA bloggers!) on the internets, we can help give the nation and people around a the world a reality check, saving many from the star-struck haze the CNN would like us to live in.

Swear in Obama, sing a song, read a poem, take a photo… then could we please get to work? People are dying out there, and together we could have stopped lots of it.

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  1. January 20, 2009

    I need a rebuilt V.A. Hospital, but even being terminal does not allow me to demand the removal and loss of homes envisioned for a new joint project. I will not allow who chose to continue my life at the expense of their homes and businesses. I can’t be that greedy.

    Yes, forciing LSU to refurbish Charity hospital is not their choice, but screw them… they have a workable building.

    The V.A. Hospital can be located at another site that will not displace people or their businesses. (And this must be done because the old V.A. cannot be rebuilt to serve me and mine and handle the Afghani and Iraqi veterans.)

    My life has been rich, but my live is not worth the destruction of other’s lives. I can’t state that I will win, but I must try.

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