A Preacher Man

Normally religion doesn’t get much attention here on citizenreporter. Probably because I’m not a religious person.? Nevertheless my recommendation for you today is related to faith and preachers and yes.. evangelicals.. a group I really never pay attention to.

This evening I found myself on a train, coming home from Brussels, mind wandering… and sure enough I turn on This American Life.? This episode focuses on a preacher, an evangelical preacher who went from being a superstar to being a pariah among his own people.? But its not the rise and fall that caught my attention. It is the man’s voice, in the interviews and in church… his voice keeps me captivated.. its magic. It doesn’t make me suddenly religious.. but it does make me think about life and friends and love and how things change.? Plus its a story that just hangs there in my mind.? Therefore I recommend giving it a listen.


  1. DROCK
    December 11, 2008

    It never ceases to amaze me the binary world view of super old school hellfire religious people. There are the saved, the non-saved, good and the devil, righteousness and pure evil. There was a line at the beginning of the program when the pastor said something like “in my family you were either a preacher or convict”

    About a year ago a born again pitched me on god the church etc. he said he was once a wicked man and took part in horrible acts and Jesus helped him find the way. I told him that I was glad to hear he’s a better person and that religion helped him find a more meaningful and lawful life. He pushed a little bit more about the need for redemption and I said “why do you assume my experience is the same as yours” and said something like “because we all have evil.” I guess if you’ve committed horrible acts is nice to believe others do the same thing and it’s your job to find them.

    Kind of like hitting on every woman at a bar – you’re going to find a sinner sooner or later. Ohhh yeah

  2. M'leen
    December 15, 2008


    Roberts: “When you give to god, you are putting money into your account”. Damn 🙂

    Sorry, this is not about ‘the voice’. For me, non-American and a person without tv, the podcast was really something. The history of ‘religion-celebrity’ isn’t something that I know.

    (hi and a hug, by the way!)

    • bicyclemark
      December 17, 2008

      M’leen! so happy to read your words on here! You’re right you’re right.. its more than the voice.. it was the story. I get hung up on sounds too often. Say hello to your lovely family from me.

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