Story Core Time

Unfortunately my macbookp is in the shop getting some minor battery issue looked at, in hopes of avoiding larger problems later.? This means podcasting and vlogging are delayed and ye olde powerbook overheats and shuts down periodically.

But using my old computer also led me to go looking around for other podcasts from various sources, including that old American standby – National Public Radio.? To my surprise, one program I had once heard about but didn’t realize was a podcast is called Story Corps.? You may recall hearing about Story Corps, these audio recording booths deployed around the US where people could make appointments to come in and interview whomever they wanted: teachers, parents, siblings, neighbors, etc.

In each Story Corps podcast episode you get to hear one of these interviews, and thus far the result is inspiring and powerful.? I recently listened to a daughter interviewing her father about having served in the Vietnam war, and what is was like when he returned. Previously I’d heard an elderly couple, where the wife interviewed the husband about how he first met her and what his life was like at that time and what he was thinking.

Besides reporting and investigating, story telling is by far my most favorite use for podcasting. I think there is so much to learn and experience through anyone and everyone’s story, and hearing someone close to that person conduct that interview adds yet another layer to it.

Therefore while my computer is in the shop, I recommend you listen to Story Corps.