Chomsky Breaks it Down

Production schedule is still not back on track, but close. Thursday the topic will be Philippines and the war in Mindanao with a correspondant there. More details and research can be discussed this week as well.

But for now I’ll do another recommendation, Monday’s edition of DemocracyNow featured Noam Chomsky talking about what happens now after the elections. He points out alot of details that are regularly passed over or ignored when it comes to what happened in these latest elections. I recommend listening to at least that segment, if not the whole program.? Obviously there will be some mention of the first appointments from the Obama team and the questionable financial and political backgrounds of some of those individuals. But it also gets into money, besides the donations we heard so much about, where alot of the money for the democratic campaign originated and what it means for the incoming administration. Follow the money… I recommend listening to it.