bmtv90 Zimbabwe: Progress or Collaboration?

After many weeks without a vlog entry, this one was recorded today as I floated through the Oud West. Its short and addresses the recent changes in Zimbabwe where opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has now joined in the government of Robert Mugabe as prime minister.? Which begs the question, is this good news? Oh and yes the video at the end comes from the fine people at the


  1. BHD
    September 22, 2008

    Thanks for focussing on Zimbabwe again. “Collaboration” is perhaps a strong word in this context, to me it conjures up images of Marshall P?tain and Vichy France.

    Anyway, this power-sharing agreement is a start. Post-apartheid South Africa’s first government was also a Government of National Unity. The excerpt of Tsvangirai’s speech in the Guardian piece seems to sum it up quite well…but like you say only time will tell. To me it’s a great step forward.

    As a side note Mbeki’s “quiet diplomacy” finally paid dividends. It’s just very unfortunate that he is being forced out of office so soon after this coup.

    • bicyclemark
      September 23, 2008

      And poof… he’s out! just as you wrote it.. Mbeki must say goodbye. HI BHD! One thing i wanted to ad, I didnt leave it in the video, but after Morgan, the deputy prime minister spoke.. GREAT speaker from a splinter group from MDC… no idea if he’s good or bad honestly.. or in between.. all I noticed was that his speech was better than any of them.

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