bm279 Demolishing New Orleans, Post Gustav

It is no secret that the post Katrina rebuilding effort has been mismanaged, but now the city of New Orleans is taking that to a new level, post Gustav. My guest on this podcast is Karen Gadbois, who writes the blog, focusing on housing and history in New Orleans. Together we look at the city’s accelerated policy of demolishing houses with minimal to no notice.

Among the topics we discuss:

  • The policy
  • Gustav as the excuse
  • Post Ike damage
  • The living museum that is NOLA
  • Grassroots action and organization
  • The role of bloggers
  • The other arguement, rationalizing the speedy demolitions
  • Demographic change and development plans
  • Wetlands resoration and the need for it
  • Entergy
  • Jail


Mof Def – Dollar Day
Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Whats going on?