Update – BaghdadBrian Released!

I received news from Eowyn earlier today that BaghdadBrian has been freed and is en route to Los Angeles.? 7 other US citizens were also released.? Unfortunately 2 other international detainees who I believe were being held with Brian are still being held and their fate is unknown.

Apparently the amount of international pressure demanding their early release was quite significant and may have been a factor in these events unfolding as fast as they have.? I’ve been told that the story of Brian/the Beijing 6 had spread through the internets and to several high profile major media outlets.

Whatever the cause, I’m relieved that my friend and colleague is safe and out of such a dangerous place for journalists. Though still and always concerned for those who remain incarcerated regardless of their nationality, held for exercising basic universal human rights which the Chinese government claims to respect.


  1. August 25, 2008

    I’m glad he was released unharmed.

  2. August 25, 2008

    I heard a very brief, very nondescript mention of this on the NPR national news today at the end of their Olympics wrap up. The news of the early release sorta the cherry atop their warm story about how well the games went for the totalitarian communist dictatorship.

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