People Outside, My People

Just wanted to dedicate a few minutes to saluting the trouble makers outside the democrat party convention in Colorado.

While inside it is all smiling faces, boring pre-written speaches, and picture perfect pageantry, outside the convention- people are standing up, sitting down, marching, and engaging in all kinds of demonstrations related to issues of ending wars, restoring rights, and a long list of other issues todays mainstream politicians would like to keep quiet.? Of course we can’t rely on the corporate media to inform us about these demonstrations; but thankfully we have the net roots to provide information about what is going on OUTSIDE.

No it won’t result in much when all is said and done.? The game will go on and the next convention will soon kick off with even more people marching outside, with an even longer list of grievances.? But when I turn on the television and I see the political show with its long and boring cast of characters, it brings me great comfort to know I’m not alone… my people are right outside.