bmtv88 Your Lawn, Our Ocean

This video entry is to explain some recent goings-on as well as tell about a good friend who gave up growing a green lawn in suburbia. Around the same time he was telling me this, I had also visited the Jersey shore where there were reports of an dangerous explosion in the Jelly Fish population. The causes? Nitrogen from all the fertilizers people use on their lawns that washes into the ocean. Another cause, warm water from the Oyster Bay nuclear power plant nearby.

My focus here is more on the fertilizer and energy wasted on lawn care versus the price we pay collectively for the damage done to the environment.? This situation was very well illustrated by a recent edition of On Point from NPR.? Wherever you live, I encourage you to stop watering the lawn, stop fertilizing, take a stand in your everyday life and change this rediculous and dangerous suburban tradition.