bmtv86 Arrival in Cambodia

Going back a few days, this vlog entry is from my first day in Cambodia.  It includes footage from my arrival via Tuc-Tuc, to me Royal Palace visit.

On that note, I’m off to the airport for the long long flight back to Amsterdam. It has been, well, overwhelming to say the least.  A fantastic experience that has left me profoundly happy and hungry for more journeys like this one.


  1. Anno Nymous
    June 10, 2008

    Hi Mark, I cannot often enough thank you for sharing your experience with us and I really appreciate that every now and then you make it possible for me to travel along your site. Seeing that this culture works totally different in quiet a lot of aspects in contrast to mine is scary, fascinating and boosts/revives my thinking about the world I live in. The scary thing is, that in my country, that calls themself “developed”, people are suspicious, will rip you off the second they can, are selfish in the worst Darwin way possible and are unhappy the moment they stay up in the morning. It is scary that this way of living dominates the world and this unbroken triumphal procession will soon arrive even in Cambodia. I’m pretty sure that the big black cars in the background and the dollar are the first signs of the change. Maybe you simply had luck and you found the one person in Cambodia, that is special, but what are the odds? However there is man in Cambodia living on a fraction we do and he trusts you. A person never met before and he insists that you pay later on. That is by my standard fascinating. Please keep us informed!

    • June 10, 2008

      Anno.. thank you thank you. Really. SOmeone recently said they thought it was brave or good of me to go alone.. truth is.. at few points did I feel alone. As odd as it may seem I always know I have readers, listeners, viewers, and friends who will be with me if I just snap a picture, record something I want to communicate, or write about some aspect of my trip. That makes traveling all the more interesting, because it isnt only for me.

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