Technical Note

Just a little update regarding what is going on with the site and little things you may find useful or of interest:

On the menu furthest to the right you have feeds which you can and should subscribe to; feed for everything, a feed for those who only want audio, video, and even those who want to read latest comments in their RSS reader. What RSS reader do I recommend lately? Google Reader. In the past I’ve also recommended Bloglines which I still think is a fine choice. Using an RSS reader is not difficult and will actually take care of that problem that has been nagging you – “how can I possibly keep up with the blogs that I like, I have no time”. I read 90% of my news, blogs, comments, weather, torrents, you name it… using feeds in my google reader.

Also, although I thought it pointless in the beginning, twitter certainly has SOME usefulness. My twitter account, which basically is an occasional update of what Im doing, where I’m going, and what issues I’m working on, is open to the public. So if you feel that has lost some of the personal details of what bicyclemark is up to, you could follow me on twitter or subscribe to my twitter RSS. But beware, twitter can be choc full of useless mundane statements.

Lastly today, especially for those of you who meet with me in different cities and countries, or who like knowing where I’m going next, dopplr has become my preferred method for informing friends about my trips. As you can see on the menu immediately to the right, there is a dopplr box that shows my next few trips. If you login to dopplr you can share trips with me and vice-versa.

This concludes the technical updates which I felt might be of interest.