bmtv84 The Use of Facebook

Occasionally I like to share some useful knowledge I believe I have on how to use the internet in a way that allows you to get information and some degree of satisfication. This vlog entry is about the social networking site facebook; specifically – how to cut right through the crap, once and for all, and make use of the very handy and sometimes rewarding tools the system has (buried) for you.


  1. flynn
    May 16, 2008

    Sorry, this got me really confused Mark. You, advocating the use of Facebook? Is this an elaborate joke I don’t get?

    What’s next? Drinking Coke and watching Fox News tutorials?

    • bicyclemark
      May 17, 2008

      You’re confused because you thought I would never use facebook? Id better tell you some other things before you get more disappointed. I also use google, yahoo, linkedin, dopplr, and twitter.. just to name a few. I hope thats not too shocking.

      Its your choice to compare coke to facebook, or fox news for that matter. I do not agree with that comparison. Furthermore I reserve the right to do whatever I want with my internet choices, just as you have that right.

  2. May 16, 2008

    Well, I disagree with you flynn, I´ve found it usefull.
    Thank´s Mark ( I guess is your name), good teacher!

    • bicyclemark
      May 17, 2008

      Cleo… being useful is something I do indeed hope to do with my life. So im glad to hear it. thanks.

  3. May 16, 2008

    I’ve just recently become exhausted with Facebook–too much too fast on my part. I like trying things, I like seeing how things work, how well the COULD do regardless if they are doing well or not. With the over saturation of apps and my constant desire to dig into everything (thus why I do The Lowdown podcast 🙂 ) I’ve reached a point where I don’t WANT to go back.

    It’s still there though and I’ve definitely seen all these features you’ve mentioned here–and ignored tweaking them… yes, my laziness or ADD nature just didn’t give a damn.

    After this screencast you’ve really made me want to go back and tweak the crap out of Facebook in order to see if my Facebook experience changes.

    Oh, I also need to add you as a friend :)!

    • bicyclemark
      May 17, 2008

      Nuno my friend! I think the internet is basically steaming towards an oversaturation of certain things, among them social networking. So it doesnt surprise me and it makes sense that people are against these types of sites. But yeah, I get good use out of facebook so I figured maybe I could explain some ways that I do that.

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