bm262 Urban Farming in Philadelphia

While many focus on the global food price and the fate of food exports, in many places around the world, groups of people are growing and selling food locally.  Mill Creek urban farm in Philadelphia is one of these places. My guests, farm founders Jade and Johanna explain how Mill Creek works, and how they relate to their community, the city, and even the global picture.

They also recommended the following article about small farmers and their role in feeding the world.

We Discuss:

  • – The activities of the farm
  • – Relations with the community
  • – Funding of the project
  • – Reflection on the global food crisis
  • – Changes in demand and interest in Urban Farming over the past years
  • – Access to green spaces in cities
  • – Gentrification and the survival of the urban farm
  • – Other forms of Urban agriculture


Pinback – Blue Harvest

The Roots – Criminal (feat. Truck North & Saigon)