The Audience That Wasn’t There

My presentation about the problems facing citizen journalists and citizen journalism today. PArt of my talk given at Re:publica’08 here in Berlin. Lots of podcasts being prepared as part of this event, and later I might have video. For now as I continue visiting with my favorite citizens of Berlin, I give you my brief presentation (minus the Wire clip about doing more with less.)

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  1. April 7, 2008

    For those of you who want to see Mark “with flying colors”, instead of listening to him on your favorite audio device, I recommend the video recordings from his talks on Republic:08 “Citizen Video Journalism” and “The Audience that Wasn’t There”. They are finally online and can be viewed on Although many talks start with a German introduction you can tell by the headline that the actuall talk is in English, just skip the first minutes. Additionally other talks and video comments can be found there.

    Mark, I’m glad that you aren’t allready tired of me commenting everthing on your blog, that you take your time answering all the comments carefully and that I’m still not banned :)!

    Leo Laporte was just an idea. He addresses a much larger among of non-aware and non “Geek”-folks than “YeastRadio” or “Off the Hook/Off the Wall”, seems a sane figure and announced in a few shows, that there should be more important talks. The bonus is, that he does an enormous among of shows on Mac, Security, Windows, Daily, Kids and even Food (between 20min and 3h each) every week and is most certainly allways looking for a person, having something important to say, that is underreported in every other medium.
    Even though I personally prefer a new show like “open issues” with you and other guests talking to him, I think a 10 minutes talk in one of his shows every week would be a great start. Unfortunally he is currently attending a foto-safari in Tasmania/Australia, but will be back in a few weeks.

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