Re:publica Day 1

Arrived in Berlin on 2 hours sleep.  Happily spending time with good friends, as well as making a few new ones here at the Re:publica conference.  Talk and other things coming up. Regular content will return shortly.  Here’s a photo of Baghdad Brian from Alive in Baghdad.


  1. Oli
    April 4, 2008

    Just repeating the SMS I send to the re:publica 08 video screen:

    Hi Mark, hartelijk dank voor jouw Talk. I watched it via the Video Live Stream.

    Hoe is ‘t met je? Is everything fine?

    I hope to meet you by chance perhaps today/tomorrow in Berlin, probably with Tim etc. 😉

    • bicyclemark
      April 7, 2008

      Oli.. bedankt bedankt. I was glad to see your message up on the screen as I wondered.. how are these messages getting on the screen anyway? Too bad the berlin visit is about to come to an end.. but Ill see you again in the coming months.. for sure Ill be back in town at some point before congress.

      be well sir.

  2. flynn
    April 4, 2008

    Hi Mark.

    I just watched your talk at rp08 and wanted to give you some feedback and ask a few questions:

    – Why are you that angry that you have less views than the “Leave Britney alone” guy? What’s so important about quantity when you can have quality? I feel under-apreciated being part of your audience since episode 10.

    – I like your stuff much better when you are doing actual citizen reporter work instead of complaining and poopooing other people. Your recent appearances at yeastradio and the rp08 talk weren’t better than stupid tech stuff by Scoble. I consider bashing Scoble and reviewing cell phones as equally useless. I know you are unhappy with your day job, but don’t let it affect your real stuff that much!

    – How many subscribers do you have? It might have been a good idea to mention that figure to put your complains into perspective.

    • bicyclemark
      April 7, 2008

      Flynn Flynn…. please keep in mind, and I guess I didnt do a good job making this point.. ITs about much more than me and my program… all people who make the effort to produce media…independent media especially.. are faced with the unfortunate situation that just by choosing serious and complex topics, less people will pay attention as compared to showbiz crap. I consider that a huge problem.

      My appearances on yeast radio are not meant to be part of my work on this site. Yeast Radio is where I can go to be very informal and even mean if I choose. I try not to do that here. MY advice, if you dont want to be annoyed with me, don’t listen to yeast radio when Im on…. or at least dont expect the same there as you get here. from me. You follow?

      As for my job getting to me.. thats the whole problem isnt it.. the job effects everything when it demands more of my mental and physical self.

      Ill think about appreciating my old school audience more. I mean… if you think about it.. Ive produced 250+ shows.. Id point to that as part of my appreciation…. I never stop thinking and producing content… I do that for you, I promise. Beyond that… I remember not to forget the good people that I have out there listening. such as yourself.

      take care.

  3. April 4, 2008

    just saw it too – was very nice. oli can you tell me how to write to the screen please! liked the girl and the other guy from iraq too… quite cool. quite nice event i thing – wasnt there but i live in berlin… 😉

  4. April 5, 2008

    Hi Mark, just a little reminder to let you and your fellow listeners know, that all the recordings (including yours!) of the
    republica2008 can be found on Unfortunately most of the talks are in German. Allthough I havent had the chance of listening to yours yet, I bet your view on “Citizen Video-Journalism – What happens in other countries, when the audience becomes broadcaster?” will be worth every minute.

    Btw. have you ever done or considered doing a show together with Leo Laporte? He refers to himself as “the Tech Guy” and does a few different shows on US radio/podcast/blogs and shares similiar opinions about “the secure tech talk most podcasters choose” and that there should be more political engagement in blogs etc.. Personally I would love to have you guys do a show on underreported news every once in a while, even though his shows include lots of direct and hidden advertisements.

    I wish you Godspeed home to the Netherlands in the most friendly and non religious way possible :)!

    • bicyclemark
      April 7, 2008

      Anno Anno Anno my dear Anno.. Im always glad to hear from you and more than that.. to have your help in pointing out links to useful sites on conferences etc.

      Leo Laporte.. I know of but I dont listen to. I didnt know he was with me on my concern for excessive tech. Ill look into it… the secret adverts sound terrible. But I respect your opinion so Ill take some time to check it out.

      thanks for the good wishes. Im glad to be going home but I do so love being here in Berlin too.

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