bmtv80 Winter Soldier, from Paris

Greetings from Paris. The following video entry was put together to direct more attention to the extremely important gathering a few weeks ago in the US called Winter Soldier. It was organized by the Iraq Veterans Against the War organization and the stories you will hear… the testimony.. well.. every citizen should have to listen and relisten whenever they start to think that war is ever an option or an answer.

Video excerpt is from democracynow and ivaw

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  1. Anno Nymize
    March 24, 2008

    If you can handle hearing in more detail and in other words, what is and was going on over there from another perspective, I highly recommend watching the BBC documentary “Why Democracy – Taxi To The Dark Side” from Alex Gibney. He also gives a few talks about his film and experiences on different podcasts/shows eg. “Media Matters” on March 2 2008. That’s the alternative I suggest, if you dont like watching movies with this kind of explicit material. Btw. the film can easily be found in the “Bay” of your choice. Thanks Mark for sharing this with us.

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