My Valentine in West Africa

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day I tried my first yoga class with my friend Gabe B of Unfortunately I never pay attention to holidays, especially corporate ones, so I forgot that being Valentine’s day, the man would be off with his partner, somewhere romantic. No yoga action for me. Naturally no valentines crap either, but I do have someone I want to say nice things about.

I may be a journalist, but I’ve never been able to live directly from the type of journalism I do on this site. Sure there are indirect ways that I do very much make a living thanks this work, but still, I won’t pretend there isn’t something lacking in my journalistic career…. there is.

That is when I look to Pauline. I think I’ve only read a few of her print articles, shamefully. But I’ve read every one of her blog posts since her now famous blog ( hate awards but if someone deserves some credit.. its her), West Africa Wins Always, began. I read and I learn. I read and I’m inspired. I read and I travel with her, I’m a fly on the wall during one of her famous conversations that gets recounted in the most engaging way on her blog. And tomorrow being this thing people call Valentine’s day, I understand one of those classic issues – “Slave Labor Chocolate” somewhat better because of Pauline’s scathing answer to all those articles that get rolled out at this time of year from all kinds of journalists out there.

So if nothing else, you could say my Valentine’s wish (if there is such a thing), is that this wonderful blog gets even more recognition.  I hope you read not just one her posts… read lots of’em. Dare I say it, subscribe to her RSS feed. Look at great photos and read the work of one very dedicated and well-informed reporter.