Money Trail

You might be inspired by this year’s US presidential election, so forgive me for disturbing the good vibes. Like all elections in the US, this one has already been bought and paid for…

 Goldman Sachs 

Hillary Clinton: 407,000$ +

Barak Obama: 421,000$ +

Mitt Romney: 223,000$ +


Hillary Clinton: 350,000$ +

John McCain: 153,000$ +

Morgan Stanley

Hillary Clinton: 362,000$+

Mitt Romney: 152,000$+

Securities and Investment

Hillary Clinton: 5,828,000$+

Barak Obama: 5,295,000$+

Mitt Romney: 4,141,000$+

Insurance and Real Estate

Hillary Clinton: 15,131,000$+

Mitt Romney: 11,686,000$+

Barak Obama: 11,591,000$+

Law Firms/Lawyers

Hillary Clinton: 11.756,000$+

Barak Obama: 9,521,000$+

John McCain: 2,508,000$+

Energy and Natural Resources

Mitt Romney: 731,262$+

Hillary Clinton: 704,000$+

Barak Obama: 619,000$+

Follow the money trail yourself…