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During my time at the Village Voice, I would occasionally hear the name Jimmy Breslin. No one told me who he was, it was just a name that would sometimes appear written on a folder or a piece of paper, hell I think the desk I would sometimes sit at used to be his… but I’m not sure about that either. Whether it was conversations with people in the break room or names written on folders, I figured out on my own that Jimmy Breslin was not just a name, he was – and is, a legend in journalism.

I had never heard his voice, until last week.

Clicking on my usual dose of On Point from NPR, the guest is none other than Jimmy Breslin talking about the mob and his latest book. Now some people talk and its just a conversation, no big deal. When Jimmy began to speak, it became very obvious that HERE was a man that is not afraid of anyone and more than that, not afraid to speak his mind no matter what people might think of him.

He comes down pretty hard on blogs, but like I said yesterday, I don’t mind, people need to stop praising blogs so much and get a grip on the reality that we face as professional journalism is starved to death. Plus if a man with the experience and independence of Breslin says it, you know you’re hearing the voice of real experience talking.

Listen to this program, it is my recommendation of the week. Pay special attention to how he handles the accusations that journalists like him, along with television and film, are only serving to glorify the mafia. And enjoy his solution for crime in New York City.


  1. Anno Nymize
    February 27, 2008

    Hi Mark!

    Thanks for letting us know about this podcast. Unfortunately the site you provided doesn’t offer any direct download for the show in a wide spread format like MP3 or OGG playable by most portable devices. So I looked around and “accidentally” found someone, who put the show on the net in one of these formats: (MP3/60MByte).
    Btw: How the hell is it possible you are having a good job as a journalist AND are broke at the same time? You should do it like the guys in “The Wire” and get better paid by your local parties for your “journalistic” work and I suggest that you immediately ask the hoodlums for a raise to keep the NDA 🙂

    • bicyclemark
      February 27, 2008

      Yo dear Anno… indeed the site itself does not. But the feed of the podcast does, so if thats what you desire.. theres another way to get it. But good to know someone has already set something else up.

      Who said I have a good job as a journalist? Well.. there might be some truth to that.. I have a new job that is indeed nice and yes I get to be a journalist there to some extent. But the truth is.. being an independent work-for-myself no editor freee as a bird journalist… offers no money at all. And yet.. I refuse to give up.

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