Denmark in the Night

Greetings from Copenhagen. I like how its written in Danish… København.

I’m here to spend the weekend learning… about this place, about its history, about its people in the present.

What do I already know about Copenhagen?

I know that its old.

I know that there is a place called Christiania where in the 70’s some alternative lifestyle seeking people settled an old army barracks in the center of the city… which is where I’ll be for much of the day tomorrow, working on a podcast and vlog.

I know that the mega shipping company Maersk, who’s containers I used to see lining Route 21 in Newark, are based here.

I know alot of battles between armada’s and navy’s and all kinds of fighting vessles, were fought here.

I know that Denmark is in the EU, but they don’t use the Euro.. and when I arrived… they are one of the few EU countries that ask to see ID, which I showed but still felt like my European rights were violated.

I know Copenhagen is pretty at night.. even the darker area with all the red lights.

I know Denmark has a Royal Family as well as a conservative prime minister with the last name Rasmussen, and he got re-elected last fall.

I know Danish cartoons are very important to the world.

And people are very good looking.  I know this.

Now lets see what I learn while I’m here… stay tuned.