Video of my Talk at 24C3

Here is a link to the video of my speech at the 24C3. It is about an hour including questions, if you’re curious what I said and what it was like, watch some of it. If you like the first minutes, watch the rest. I won’t be putting this in the feed as a podcast, full credit to the CCC for putting it up so quick this year. The direct link to the video is here.

On that site you can also see a list of speeches from the conference, shop around, you might enjoy. I’ll be checking out Hacker Spaces and The Voting Computers sessions as I missed those and I know they’re good.


  1. Anno Nymize
    January 15, 2008

    Hi Mark,

    I strongly recommend that you have a look @ New Public Space?.
    It’s about “What Video Journalism, Blogging et al. Mean for our Society and International Broadcasting” and is produced by Deutsche Welle. It’s kind a funny, boring and dolefully at the same time to see and hear those old powerful, business guys from television, music and the radio industry talking about things they admittedly don’t understand. They try to defend their business and try to cast a damning light on podcasting: “Like a virus”, “Nobody can control them”, “overestimated”, “grasshopper are not relevant”, “Fragmented information”, “to much, unsorted, confusing information” etc.. If you are interested and missed the live streaming, I will lookout for the video recordings after the show is over.

    Best wishes.

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